Social Impact Tourism – Tourism fostering a distinctive and positive impact on the environment, peoples and cultures visited


Our Mission

We plan your journeys in a way that promotes environmental conservation and positive social change.  Our adventures combine an immersive travel experience with an insight into some of the facets that comprise the way of life of the locals.  We thus believe that the magnificent animal and plant life should be experienced in the context of the culture and history of the people whose lives intertwine with the natural environment.  The community programs and activities we offer support the right of the local participants to re-examine, revitalize or even re-invent past practices and customs as they see fit.  Our tours seek to provide specific financial benefit to those visited in a manner that facilitates social and economic development for the participants.


“Twist Africa offers tailor-made experiences with a twist: the adventure tours with a positive social impact range from a few hours to days.”


ugandan destinations

  • Urban

  • Rural

  • Sports

  • Cultural

  • Religious

  • The National Museum

  • The Kabaka’s Palace

  • The Bahai Temple

  • The Uganda Matyrs Shrine

  • Mbale, home of the last Jews